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He also has a most important and the righteous post among planets just because he acts as a courtier of the God. He owes the ideal role of Guru by purifying people through making them to bear with the results of their misdeeds, thus making them the pious and the pure ones. Sunday, 19 December Pacify Lord Shani. I am discussing with you, the remedial measures to pacify Lord Shani. Those who themselves are irritated; they have quarrels with their life partner or the business partners or with their boss or their officer.

Such students as do not feel at home while studying and the results of their examination are poor in comparison to their hard work, all such happenings are caused by the adversity due to the anguish of Lord Shani. If someone suffers lunacy, rheumatism, the arthritis, the tuberculoses or cancer or likewise incurable or the prolonged diseases, one should understand that it is just because Shani is placed in a malefic position in his birth horoscope.

So he must make efforts to cool down or pacify Lord Shani.

Kripalu Maharaj's Planetary Position

If Shani is a malefic planet in your horoscope, you can take my help and adopt the remedial measures told by me to get rid of the troubles , for the troubles you are running into, during major period and sub-period of Lord Shani. This way, you can make your life peaceful and happy. Remember the favourably or unfavourably placed Shani placed means the native has to face the situations caused by such a position due to his destined karmas. The first and the foremost thing is to improve upon your karmas without which no remedial measures is fruitful.

Also I would like to mention the everlasting principles: Serve your Parents and elders, Husband and wife's should be loyal to each other and loyalty towards Nation. Even Shani is pacified by offering black desi grams to a black buffalo or a horse, on any Saturday. Lord Shani can be pacified through the herbs and the roots too. It turns down the malefic effects of Lord Shani. Put it in the clean water or dip it into the unboiled milk on Friday night. On Saturday morning put it in the middle finger of your left hand.

It gives instant results. A person suffering from the troubles relating to SadheSatti should keep fasting on every Saturday for getting rid of such troubles. After worshipping Lord Shani, he should break his fast in the evening, after sun set. The Pooja Samagri used for worshipping Lord Hanuman are - Vermilion, black sesame oil, deepak and the red flower.

On Saturday fill the oil in the iron pot, putting seven pieces of black grams, seven pieces of barley, seven pieces of black urad into it and also putting Dakshina Cash over it. This is applicable and result oriented, if performed before AM only. It nullifies the malefic effects of Shani. These Idols were being worshipped, adored for long- long times but in last few years i. Remember, before this unveiling of the radiant Idol of Shani.

With a result, the whole environment of the Shani Dham Premises has become so alive that most of the problems of the devotees of Lord Shani are automatically solved, when they happen to reach this temple. Whatever troubles are left behind, they are also solved by their worshiping here and by offering oil Telabhishek to Lord Shani. For the welfare of the common man, I had have pleased Lord Shani through his pungent accomplishment and pungent devotion.

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Through the devotion and worship performed here, all the hardest of troubles and problems caused due to the adversity of Shani are extinguished within no time. Herein, apart from the highest of Shani Idol, the attractive endowed statues of other gods and goddesses are also erected. By worshipping through these statues, the devotees get their desires fulfilled. Apart from this, there is a big library and a research center, in the Ashram Premises itself wherein many a learned men keep on making research over Lord Shani as well as over other religious view points.

Here, all sort of questions related to astrology, Ayurved, Yoga and the Tantra are being answered. Rather Sage Rajasthani ji himself remains available all the times in order to answer such questions to the curious devotees. He also suggests remedial measures thereof. First of all, I would like to tell you about the eastern part of Shani Dham. On the top of it, the eight metalled largest radiant Shani idol has been erected. This Idol attracts the visitors from far away.

The main door of this eastern part falls in the west side. As soon as one enters into the main door, he prospects the huge radiate idol of Lord Shani and the Shani rock too. On North and south, both sides there are Shani statues erected, wherein Shani Maharaj ji is riding over his various rides. Prospecting these beautiful radiant Statues of Lord Shani, the visitor is strongly attracted and remains undone. Prospecting these statues the visitors get deprived of their sins, committed by them since the long-long births. Keeping in view to the convenience of the devotees visiting Shree Shani Dham and maintaining the purity and cleanliness, as also keeping in view, the security norms, under the present changing circumstances Pujan Samagari for Worshipping Lord Shani is made available in the premises of Ashram itself.

All of you are requested that any Samagri brought from outside the temple premises should not be taken inside. Please co-operate us to maintain the discipline. Besides this, circumambulate Shani Shila for eight times. Black grams, weighing one and a quarter of Kilo must be dipped into water, on the Friday night.

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After cooking them well and putting salt, chilies and oil over it, these grams may be distributed throughout your way from home to temple. It makes Lord Shani pleased and the devotee gets rid of all his troubles. On the top of this hall, the huge eight metals statue of Lord Shani is posted. All the devotees get their desired wishes fulfilled, prospecting Shani Shila and Statue posted in the temple premises.


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For security reasons as also to facilitate the devotees such an arrangements have been made. In another room, rare astrological books and material for Shani poojan is made available. Books and magazines published by Shani Dham on various occult sciences are also made available for sale.

Near the main gate, there is an enquiry office, reception office and the publication department. Such rituals are also useful in obtaining the kind grace of Lord Shani and getting success in various ventures. Our ancient sages have very clearly declared that propagation of wealth, prosperity the honour and regard as well as knowledge is caused through the grace of gods and the Saints.

He has born in a very poor dalit family. His mother has died when he was just 4 month old. In addition, his father has worked as a labor at Pali.

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  5. The information about his brother and sister is not available to us. As per his marriage, he is currently an unmarried man. However, he is often seen with many teenage girls and a young woman at his Ashram. Leave this field empty. Tuesday, October 8, Famous Personalities. Please enter your comment!

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    daati maharaj cancer horoscope Daati maharaj cancer horoscope
    daati maharaj cancer horoscope Daati maharaj cancer horoscope
    daati maharaj cancer horoscope Daati maharaj cancer horoscope
    daati maharaj cancer horoscope Daati maharaj cancer horoscope
    daati maharaj cancer horoscope Daati maharaj cancer horoscope

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