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Few individuals in the zodiac are as clever as she, and writing—cre- ative, philosophical, journalistic, academic, or psychological—often becomes her perfect outlet. Whatever the endeavor, one thing is for sure: Aries woman maintains a healthy distance and objectivity toward her vocation, rarely one to be consumed by, or lost in, pursuits. Like a child only just learning to their sign and thus enact instead of embody the relate to others, interaction is seemingly always something new to the Aries, the quality-element combination whole of her life being a process of learning how to share, cooperate, and of the sign.

Regardless of the she remains cool, calm, and situation, business or pleasure, and despite her signature detached air, at times, collected. One being the loneliest Except for her trademark tantrums, Aries is otherwise fairly unemotional. Independence sympathetic regard for others. She inherently provided to expe- rience. Aries aligned with her father. Still, Ram girls feel some semblance of compassion, no matter how pale, for their mother. Happy family. Often, Aries comes from a big family with lots of brothers wherein Mother is put-upon, particularly by the males in her life—a private patriarchy of sorts.

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She typically so strong a guy as would challenge her need for freedom and her all too pre- lacks compassion to some degree, and she is often cariously forming identity. She has great diffi- culty with romantic commit- Aries woman is an indomitable spirit who seemingly exists to illustrate what a ment and will sometimes quit relationships rather woman is capable of achieving on her own, against societal odds.

She is a pio- than communicate or com- neer, a symbol of strength, self-reliance, and liberation. This fact is especially promise.

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Nowhere but in this female demographic will you see so few brassieres per capita. If you notice a lanky, natural, decidedly unfussy-looking beauty in the sole company of men, possibly swilling neat drinks and swearing, albeit soft- spokenly, like a sailor, chances are that woman is a Ram. Like sex partners. She is She is one of the boys, and with the wardrobe to match. Because, much to the vexation of prime archetype is Athena, a war goddess, but one of pru- other women, she can pull that off as well; yet with no more panache than dence, diplomacy, and strat- when she pulls on her favorite s.

Her fondness for butch styles makes her all egy. Pallus Athena points to her phallic, spear-toting the more fascinating a creature, creating a stark contrast against her naive, nature. A patroness of crafts, lamby looks.

Her lips are a contradiction, ample on bot- tom but slivery on top; sometimes, it even appears as if she has no upper lip at all. Her forehead is high, lending a wise and noble air. Her neck may also have a clenched, slightly strained look to it. She has dramatic-looking areolae, and nip- a symbol of yonic power.

Typically more delicate on top and bigger- matriarchs of Hebraic cul- ture. This quality is accented by ever sapphic Xena, warrior princess. Although she is not a hairy female over- all—barely needing to shave her legs or armpits—she does have a rather dense bush, which may spread wide across her pronounced pelvis, hanging down like a beard at that infamous crossroads between her legs. The Aries female walks with a springy gait, moving somewhat ganglingly, though never ungracefully.

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She is highly territorial, her usual domain being with the men. Like her speech, she emits self-image a loud monotone laugh, keeping her jaw clenched against it and her body still selfhood identity and straight. One senses a great vitality in this woman: She radiates health and personality seems capable of meeting tough physical challenges. She is, one might say, ruggedly feminine more than inclinations individuality ambiguously androgynous—a handsome beauty, both admirable and sexually self-expression appealing to men and women alike. But as a native of idiosyncrasies the 1st House of physicality, she cannot forgo sex—it must be an almost daily natural responses instincts mainstay of her routine.

After all, being the catch of the century requires aims and goals remaining available, or at least seeming so. Besides, this willful woman has her own itch to scratch. One dynamic she sometimes falls into, albeit sub- nonconformity consciously, is to have a relationship that actually proves true all her dubious diplomacy strategy notions about the tyranny of men over women. The man she chooses may even be disabled, if not physically, execution then emotionally or psychologically.

Still, even when head over heels in love, the typical Aries is loath skill to marry and become legally beholden. Typically, her ideal partner will be a. She wants physical meat Aries rules the head, which, from her mate, not fashion advice or existential musings. Feeling herself more man strategic outlook on life dis- tinguished by prudence and than most men, she desires a guy with whom, in contrast, she can be her most self-protection. Sometimes, though, her judgment signaling flight rather than may truly miss its mark and in her physically focused pursuit of increasingly fight in females of the sign.

She has neither the time nor the inclination to send out invitations, hormonal or oth- erwise; such focus on others goes against her nature and feels like an imposi- tion on her no-nonsense character, not to mention a phony waste of time. Putting out is one thing, being put out is quite another. Sexually, Aries acts on impulse and responds to whatever she experiences as physical attraction.

To squelch such impulses seems, to her, a crime against nature. Few Aries want to work that hard.

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Scorn is the one sentiment she will not easily abide from a man. And the Aries female expects that same double stan- Diana Ross Julie Christie dard to apply to her relationships. She must have, at the very least, what her Robin Wright Penn father enjoyed—usually, she hankers for more. Topping her father is a stock Sarah Jessica Parker Sara Michelle Geller subconscious force—as mentioned, she may enter into the same career as her Cynthia Nixon dad, only to surpass him.

Unconsciously, she seeks to emasculate her father for, Kate Hudson Patricia Arquette what she considers, the foul manner in which he treated her mother. It takes balls, Paulina Porizkova certainly, to do so.

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Which may not be taking the metaphor far enough—Aries Catherine Keener Jessica Lange female, of all women, has the worst case of penis envy imaginable. Not one for nuance, Aries generally opts for skipping the preliminaries Ashley Judd and getting to the main event.

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Still, Aries is not a sensualist by any stretch of the. The mythical symbol for Pallas Athena, incidentally, is basically an Pearl Bailey inverted beaver on a stick. No emotional or cerebral compensation will be necessary on the part of Marguerite Duras Ann Miller either party.

Aries leaves it to the rest of the zodiacal signs to line the pockets Betty Ford of sex therapists and marriage counselors. She plays with herself during sex as well, not wanting to waste St. Marsha Mason Claudia Cardinale She may experiment with anal sex, although it seems to her, quite literally, Ethel Kennedy beside the point.

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Intercourse is the thing. Never one to just lie there, Astrud Gilberto. Aries will simultaneously squeeze, pump, and. She is mond atop a cross.

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  • Still, as a basically unpsycholog- ical character, one not easily given to fetishes, this proclivity rarely progresses to the whips-and-chains stage. For Aries, all sexual activity should have at least a small dose of shock value to it, especially where there is an opportunity for a bit of exhibitionism on her part. The Ram wants to cause a stir by being caught out as highly sexed. Often even when in a steady relationship Aries will crave extracur- ricular activities—indeed, no other woman is bound to stray from her primary commitment as much as the Ram. In fact, her long-standing heterosexual relationships can be relatively one- sided, with the man becoming the nurturing, maternal presence.

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